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AI Affiliate Bots Review

AI Affiliate Bots is here with the power of artificial intelligence and strong algorithms to help you generate free YouTube traffic and profit from the Amazon affiliate program.
Affiliate marketers, novices and professionals in the field, stand to gain a lot from this software suite and all of its capabilities. It solves one major problem. How to earn commissions without going bankrupt over traffic? How to generate free traffic?
Read my full AI Affiliate Bots Review to learn how this software suite can help you with these tasks.

What Is AI Affiliate Bots?

AI Affiliate Bots is a 6-in-1 software bundle that provides a shortcut to create niche blogs and websites to promote affiliate offers from Amazon. It is a compilation of task-specific software tools that do a series of things.
With the bundle, you can discover a lucrative affiliate niche to position yourself, select great offers from Amazon to join the affiliate programs, to generate the content you need to promote, spin it into uniqueness, and even create videos for YouTube promotions with a single click. AI Affiliate Bots truly does it all and then some.

About The Creators

Rich Williams is a developer we’ve discussed at length before. He’s leading a team of developers and professional marketers. Their joint efforts led to the creation of this software bundle.
My previous experience with products released by the same team is very positive. I have no doubt that if you trust that team with optimizing and boosting your affiliate marketing efforts, you’ll gain a lot more than a useful software bundle.
Keep reading my AI Affiliate Bots Review to discover all the goodies you can score.

AI Affiliate Bots Review: Features & Capabilities

The numerous features and capabilities of this software make it a completely Done-For-You wholesome solution for affiliate marketers. With it, you get the following list of software tools and additional resources:
  • Software #1: AI Affiliate Creator – this niche-discovery software is preloaded with more than 100 ecommerce and Amazon affiliated niches, more than 400 affiliate programs. You can choose from them, and to make it even sweeter – the tool can automatically generate unique content and derive images so that you have ready-to-publish materials.
  • Software #2: Zen Video Creator the software allows you to quickly, with the push of a button, to create videos out of your scripts and texts using the Wavenet text-to-voice technology. You can then swiftly generate ready-to-upload videos to add to your social channels and on YouTube.
  • Software #3: Zen eCommerce WP Theme  the theme allows you to upload the files that the AI affiliate Creator generates so that your content is posted automatically. This eCommerce optimized theme alongside its elements and capabilities and in combination with the rest of the software tools, gives you the chance to create a website within minutes. It has an in-built text spinner so that you always have fresh content with no wasted time or funds.
  • Software #4: eCom Keywords the AI Keywords software is preloaded with highly targeted buyer keywords in the ecommerce industry. Use these for your niche markets to rank your posts and videos high in Google and YouTube results.
In addition to all that, you’ll also get:
  • Complete Guide – a training guide to take you through the steps of the most efficient ways to use the software bundle.
  • Top Affiliate Offers – direct 24/7 access to the top affiliate programs you can promote from ClickBank, WarriorPlus, and JVZoo in addition to the Amazon program.
  • Full Commercial & Agency Rights – the bundle comes with a license that permits you to use the created content and videos both for personal and commercial use, and you keep 100% of the profits.

How Does AI Affiliate Bots Work?

There’s a very intuitive process you can follow step-by-step to make the best out of this bundle:
  • Step 1: Choose one of the 100+ preloaded niches in the AI niche software;
  • Step 2: Drag-and-drop the products with affiliate programs in your niche of choice you wish to join. The software automatically spins the content of these products into ready-to-publish product reviews.
  • Step 3: Use the Wavenet text-to-voice technology to turn any script into a professional real-life voiceover. You can choose from American, Australian, and UK accents. Once your voiceover is ready, export your campaign file with the text, images, and voice-over.
  • Step 4: Import the generated media file in the Zen Video app, tweak it a little bit, and initiate video generation. It will be ready in a couple of minutes and you can download a ready-to-upload file for your YouTube channel.
Using the Keywords software in the end will give you a pretty good idea of the best keywords to use for your videos to rank them high on YouTube. In addition, you can use the generated text to add posts to your blogs and websites.
Remember, these are 100% DFY product reviews (both text and video reviews) that will boost traffic and conversions for the offers you promote.

AI Affiliate Bots Review: Who Should Try It?

This software suite is perfect for affiliate marketers who want to expand the variety of offers they promote and to set up more income streams for themselves. It is also of great use for people who are just starting out in the affiliate marketing field.
Last but not least, it is also for those of you who don’t have time, money or skills necessary to create unique converting content for their offers.

Is AI Affiliate Bots Worth Your Money?

Such big software bundles are rare to come by and often times they cost too much. That’s why I’m eager to present you with the AI Affiliate Bots kit because it is both ingenious and with a reasonable price tag.
Given the amount of tasks it can perform in your stead, I do believe this is a sound investment in your business future that’s totally worth it.
If any doubt arises when you purchase the bundle, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee to put you at ease. You can easily take the software kit for a test drive and make up your mind later.

AI Affiliate Bots Review: Bonuses

Apart from the dozens of functionalities this software offers, it comes with super free bonuses to enhance your experience:
  • Video Training – enjoy extensive over-the-shoulder training videos that show you exactly how to use the bundle efficiently to generate profits.
  • Lifetime Updates – make the best use of a lifetime of free software upgrades and updates, never miss the novelties, and always have the best resources at hand.
  • 4x DFY Components – 20 hand-picked affiliate offers, content for 100 affiliate programs, 100 YouTube niches, and more than 500 DFY scripts and voice-overs, so that you can launch your affiliate business immediately.
All of these bonuses come at no extra cost, they are a free addition to the bundle.

AI Affiliate Bots Review: Price & Discounts

The software bundle launches on July 8th at 11 AM EDT. There are several promotional events to keep your eyes peeled for to grab the kit at a discount:
After July 12th, the software kit will go for a total of $32. You have several great opportunities to grab the Pro version with huge discounts during that period. The Lite version will be at a steady price of $26.
The Pro Version is more economically viable as it allows you to create unlimited videos, promote unlimited offers on unlimited websites, along with royalty-free and agency rights. Allowing you to keep 100% of the resell profits you make. That’s why it is the one I think is more worth it.

AI Affiliate Bots Review: Additional Offers

AI Affiliate Bots comes with 4 exclusive upsells to enhance the experience of using the software bundle:
This upgrade of the bundle increases the number of resources you have access to via the different software tools, like niche markets, products, keywords, etc.
This upgrade contains 100s of additional DFY campaigns that save you even more time cutting on that necessary for creating your campaign files in the first place.
The upgrade gives you access to an additional 30 software tools for video, traffic generation, website building, more affiliate marketing, products with resell rights, and so on.
This upsell offers the DayJobKiller course that teaches you how to sell your own personal products. The course includes 50 training videos and 8 software tools focused on enabling you to sell your own products quickly.

AI Affiliate Bots Review: Pros & Cons

  • Huge Amount of Resources;
  • 4 Unique & Powerful Software Tools;
  • 100% Cloud-Based;
  • Dozens of Capabilities;
  • Easy-to-Use & User-Friendly;
  • Constant Support & Upgrades;
  • Fast-Track Affiliate Establishment;
  • Free YouTube Traffic Generation;
  • Additional Training;
  • 100% DFY Materials;
  • High-Quality Bonuses;
  • Low Price;
  • Available Discounts;
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Takes some getting used to.

AI Affiliate Bots Review: Conclusion

AI Affiliate Bots is a unique opportunity for affiliate marketers. It is a 6-in-1 software bundle with multiple software solutions, additional free bonuses, and training resources that can propel your affiliate marketing business.
This is a user-friendly software kit that can help you identify lucrative niche markets and position yourself there without lifting a finger to create content. My AI Affiliate Bots Review encompasses all important aspects of the offer and expresses my honest opinion of how useful this bundle actually is.
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Step 2: Purchase This Product atCLICK HERE
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Step 4: All Bonuses in your selected Bonus Package is Yours. Expect to receive them within 12-24 hours.

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